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Desk Organizer
About the Project

A clean desk is an office's most infamous work horse.

Doesn't matter if you're an artist, designer or a clerk. A desk can become messy pretty easily, and just as the name implies, Desk Organizers have been invented to mitigate this problem. A perfectly balanced set of features is all you need.

Desk Organizer Example 01
Desk Organizer Example 02
Desk Organizer Example 03
Desk Organizer Example 04
Desk Organizer Example 05
Desk Organizer Example 06

Desk Organizer Magnetic Feature 01
Magnetic Features
Desk Organizer Magnetic Feature 02
Magnetic Features

"Design is a balance between form and function, it takes two."

Desk Organizer Magnetic Feature 03
Final Shot

Let's finish this up with a clean render in an industrial environment

Geometric Desk Organizer Right Profile

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